Front Girling Type 16PB Calipers rebuild kit on a 2000/2000 with stainless pistons ~(axle set) 16 PB

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Complete kit of new parts for rebuilding the front Girling Type 16PB Calipers on a Rover P6 2000 or 2200 (1966 - 1977) MGBD KIT 05 The kit comprises of the following 40 items:- 4STAINLESS STEEL CALIPER PISTONS similar to Rover part number 607146 4 BRAKE SHIMS Rover part number 607899 4 BRAKE PAD PINS Rover part number 607897 4 R CLIPS Rover part number 607898 4 PAD SPRINGS Rover part number 607265 2 BLEED NIPPLES Rover part number 608400 2 BLEED NIPPLE DUST COVERS Rover part number 234957 1 SEAL KIT (AXLE SET) Rover part number 607143 1 SET OF BRAKE PADS (AXLE SET) Rover part number GBP216 40 Items altogether, all the bits to rebuild a pair of front Girling Type 16PB calipers that are fitted to late Rover P6 2000 and all 2200 models. This is kit is supplied with steel pistons, however stainless steel pistons are available at an addition cost, please message. Early Rover P6 2000 s with Girling brakes had Type 16P cailpers, so if your car is an earlier one please let me know and I will send you the appropriate kit. Please message me if you are unsure which you need. (Very late 2200 may have metric bleed screws so please advice when buying, so as not to be dissappointed) If you can't or don't want to rebuild your own calipers please contact me regarding our refurb and service exchange options.
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